Requested by @ChrisK more than 30 days ago, and I just now saw it.
  1. So my faith hangs on by one thread - and that is my total awe/fascination/admiration of Jesus.
  2. I believe that He was God
  3. I believe that he was fully human
  4. And I believe that while he was on earth he taught about goodness, light, love, faith, God, caring for others...
  5. And that he brought healing to people in many ways
  6. And that he was murdered unjustly, died, but on the third day was no longer dead, but resurrected in glory, which I will not try to describe because it's beyond me.
  7. It's easy for many people to believe that Jesus was a great man who was cruelly killed. But the resurrection of Jesus Christ bears more weight to me than even his death.
  8. Jesus' death brought the whole world closer to God, because Jesus was God laying himself down for us. Putting our interests above his life.
  9. Because central to the Christian faith is the belief that Jesus died to erase our sins - which is any action we take that takes us "further from God" in our hearts.
    Which means that "sin" is easy to do, and being a sinner means you're any normal person and everyone is one.
  10. Jesus' death alone would lead me to live a life of gratitude, yet guilt. Thankfulness, yet penitence. Trying to repay him for what he did. Never being able to measure up to his perfect example.
  11. BUT because of he rose again, all is well. Yes, he died, but that wasn't the end. Sin wasn't enough to keep him in the grave. He is bigger and greater than that.
  12. So that says to me that any mistakes I make, or wrongdoings I commit, are not the end all be all. All is well.
  13. Living at the entrance of an empty tomb is a million times better than living at the foot of the cross (though that's a good place to visit pretty frequently) because while I have peace with God because of what Jesus did on the cross, I have FREEDOM because he lives.
  14. I'm not constantly worried that my mistakes or wrongdoings will mess up my life or my peace with God
  15. I'm not worried about disappointing God in some way
  16. His resurrection gives us a more complete view of his love for us. He died for us out of love, but rose again so we could live in victorious. It's a marvelous life when you live remembering that sin no longer brings death.
  17. And I mean that metaphorically, really. My screw-ups don't bring judgment to me. I can give myself and others grace because of the grace that's been extended to me.
    Which means when I remember Jesus, it's easier to be generous, to forgive, to extend the benefit of the doubt.
  18. So I like to live in that feeling of freedom. The fact that mercy triumphs over judgement.
    That's James 2:13 in the Bible.
  19. As far as other religious beliefs...
  20. I don't care if you don't go to church, or don't believe Noah was real, or if you're gay, or had an abortion, or if you're Donald freaking Trump...
  21. God made you and loves you, and Jesus proves that. And beyond anything else you should know, you should know that and believe it... Even just a little bit.
  22. Because a lot of times, I believe it just a little bit, but that's enough.
  23. Even in doubt, it's such a GOOD thing to believe, and I want it to be true.
  24. And I totally believe that, even if you don't think he was God, following and studying Jesus will change your life. You'll find that he's neverendingly fascinating.
  25. Even when the Bible and church and Christians can be neverendingly frustrating.
  26. I'm totally willing to answer questions about this or Noah or whatever. Obviously this was just my train of thought tonight and is in no way a perfect or full view of my faith! Ask questions instead of making assumptions - I'll answer anything!
  27. ✌🏼️💛