1. New painting/mantra
  2. I'm so sorry for what you're going through.
  3. I'm here to listen and learn and fight for justice with you.
  4. A day in history can be devastating for us all, and humans can be heartbreakingly stubborn.
  5. We are amazing, resilient, complex, and still evolving beings.
  6. When we see injustice and oppression, there are many ways to react...
  7. But I think the best I can do as a white person is to:
  8. listen to the voices of the oppressed
  9. educate myself about race and inequality in this country
  10. take action politically (call representatives and people in power, sign petitions, put my money where my vote is)
  11. and speak well to other white people who don't see the injustice
  12. and for THAT, I need every ounce of courage and kindness I can find in my body.
  13. Static