1. It all started when I was walking through the mall with my friend, Daniella.
  2. Daniella has wonderful, rich red hair, thick with thick strands. I also have thick red hair with fine strands, and it is very red.
  3. Here's a picture of us from college, illustrating our different (but both red!) hair.
    D is on the left, me on the right.
  4. So we were walking through the mall, and a girl comes up to us and starts gushing about Daniella's hair.
    "I LOVE your hair color! I just love red hair!"
  5. And I'm just standing there like "Uhhhh..."
  6. Ok so yes, my ego was a little bruised because I am used to getting compliments on my hair.
  7. All my life strangers and acquaintances and friends and family have told me how they wished they had my hair color, they love red hair, etc etc.
  8. Like, I'm totally in the boat with people of color when it comes to strangers touching my hair and being like - back off.
  9. And it's gotten me attention from guys, I'll admit.
    That scene in Little Women where Jo's sister calls her hair her "one beauty" = my life.
  10. I've been called ginger, fiery, Pippi, Madeline, Ariel, Red, etc etc. My uncle even called me Chucky when I was a baby.
    As in the demon doll, not the Rugrat.
  11. So it was a strange occurrence that someone would compliment D's hair, which is just a shade darker than mine, and ignore me completely.
  12. It was such a strange occurrence, in fact, that the next time I was in the presence of another redhead friend, I told the story.
  13. And she said, "Oh yeah, your hear is kind of red too."
  14. ?!?!!?!?!!?!!???
  15. And THEN, just the other day at work, a client of ours came in and asked if I had colored my hair.
  16. I recently chopped 12 inches off
  17. And she said she didn't notice my hair was red until I got it cut.
  18. My long red hair
  19. My short red hair
    (And my baby niece)
  20. This is my hair, guys!!
  21. Static
  22. Static
  23. Static
  24. Is it red??!!?
  25. Static
  26. Static
  27. I need to know!!
  28. Static
  29. Static
  30. Sry for all the selfies - it's for science.