I just started season 3
  1. Why isn't there more crying in this show?
  2. Cause everything is so stressful
  3. I would be crying all the time.
  4. ...which means I could never function in that kind of environment
  5. No matter how much I daydream about having such a fast paced, important job with extremely smart and witty people
  6. I don't see enough hugs on this show
  8. Everyone in this show needs someone to love and care for them
  9. Especially CJ
  10. I feel like there's a lack of appreciation for CJ.
  11. She is constantly harassed
  12. She looks so tired.
  13. But where's her pat on the back?
  14. CJ, whose shoulder do you cry on?
  15. Come on, Toby, tell her how important she is. And good at her job. And charming.
  16. How about you, Josh?
  17. You're really okay after that near-death experience?
  18. How do you function with the literal weight of the free world on your shoulders?
  19. Who tucks you in at night and tells you everything is going to be okay?
  20. But seriously when are Josh and Donna gonna get together?