1. I read this article by Sean King, and I completely agree with him.
  2. And I'm tired of all the bullshit #pray4___ stuff I'm seeing all over social media.
  3. It's time for more than prayers.
  4. This is a step, albeit a small step.
  5. A Violence Cleanse, which I just invented, is a vow to cut out all forms of violence from your life.
  6. This includes violent TV shows, video games, music lyrics, movies, activities (any where you would use a gun or get in a fight).
  7. I'm going to be surprised at how much I can't do.
  8. I'm going to use extra time to research the NRA, policies, trends, write my representatives, and promote peace.
  9. This weekend is my city's Pride and I am desperate for nobody to get hurt. So I am still praying.
  10. But Facebook photo changes and hashtags do nothing.
  11. Your congressman doesn't look at your Facebook.
  12. And you need to know who's taken money from the NRA to know where to cast your vote.
  13. And we need to stop absorbing violence in entertainment so that when things like Orlando happen they don't just become background noise within a couple days.
  14. I will be doing my #violencecleanse starting tomorrow (Thursday), the first day of Columbus's Pride weekend, and continue through at least Thursday of next week.
  15. I hope you'll join me!