True story.
  1. It was in the wee hours of the morning of April 29, 2011
  2. Ring a bell?
  3. That's the day Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, and I woke up super early to walk across the courtyard to my friends' apartment to watch it unfold on TV
  4. It was still dark out, but thoughts of what Kate's wedding dress was going to look like got me out of bed.
  5. With slippers on my feet, coffee in one hand, and keys in the other, I opened the door to my second-floor college apartment.
  6. I rounded the corner to approach the stairwell, and saw something so horrifying, I held back a piercing scream
  8. ...
  10. Legit like a scene from a horror movie, blood was smeared all the way up the stairs to my apartment, and pooled in the stairwell (right in front of our outdoor storage area).
  11. I ran back to the door, and, trembling, unlocked it and dialed 911
  12. And hid in my bedroom, because I wasn't about to go looking for a dead body or an whatever axe murderer was on the prowl.
  13. I didn't expect the police to actually come to my door, but they did.
  14. They had found a shoe and some gift cards our coupons, but no victim.
  15. So they left.
  16. And I was like - hell if I'm staying here by myself
  17. So, while I could still see from the window that the cops were out there talking, I crept down the stairs, avoiding the blood smears
  18. And ran across the lawn to my friends' apartment to watch the wedding.
  19. When dawn came and I left to go home, I saw more blood splattered on the sidewalk, as if someone walked away but with every step left a very large drop of blood.
  20. My theory is that it was a foot injury.
  21. As in someone no longer has most of their toes.
  22. Like maybe someone shot themselves in the foot.
  23. The funny thing is, only two apartments were on the second floor, and neither my roommates nor the four girls next door heard or saw anything.
  24. So why did they come upstairs?
  25. With two strong male friends present, we checked the storage area, and there was nothing amiss inside.
  26. And at the bottom of the stairs, blood splatters led in both directions.
  27. So was there more than one person?
  28. I will probably never know.