This is the story of what Brett did for me on Christmas morning.
  1. I asked for two things from Brett for Christmas this year: the new illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone book, and some fun experience we could have together
  2. So Brett did this thing Christmas morning that worked just as well on me as it would have on a ten year old.
  3. There was only one box under the tree for me, and I opened it to find...
  4. A letter from Headmistress McGonagall, explaining why I didn't get my Hogwarts acceptance letter when I turned eleven.
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    Obviously, because the Death Eaters destroyed all the records of muggleborns, which included all those born in 1991... A reminder that I am twenty-four years old.
  5. McGonagall's letter also said I had some Christmas gifts from the faculty and staff, to show their apologies and that they hoped I'd come to their school.
  6. And there was this owl figure that lives in our 2nd bedroom (our "study" 'cause it's practically lined with book shelves.)
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  7. And a letter from HARRY POTTER!!
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  8. Harry explained that there was a spell cast on my apartment so that I wouldn't be able to receive messages or objects from other wizard folk. To fix this, Harry cast a charm to reverse it, but his spell would only tell me the placement of the objects in the form of a riddle.
  10. Brett freaking thought of this whole thing by himself. He hasn't even read all of the books. He's just that BLOODY BRILLIANT.
  11. Harry gave me the first clue:
    It has millions of stories, but it can't tell you one / it's a home of knowledge and sometimes fun / history and fiction you can always read between the lines / Have this item back before you face a fine
  12. Which led me to our "study" obviously, where I found my beautiful book!
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  13. Inside there was the next clue:
    Fuzzy and untamed his hair is quite often / His food is not good, but his butter will soften / His hut is always open for a snack if you desire / Catch these treats before they expire
  14. This was about two Hagrids - from the book, and our bunny. Near his bunny cage was a present of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and a Chocolate Frog!
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  15. With the candy was the next clue:
    Double double, toil and trouble / Fire burn and cauldron bubble / A place where messes are made and messes are cleaned / Where you can make yourself fat or make yourself lean
  16. That led me to the kitchen, where I found a "potions book", which is really a book about the uses of essential oils. It was perfect!
  17. With the oils book was this clue:
    Happy happy giddy and plucky / Look under the sheets / and you might get lucky!
  18. Which was hysterical. I looked in the bed and found some champagne with HANDMADE LABELS calling it Felix Felicis! 😂
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  19. With that was the next clue:
    Face to face with the Mirror of Erised /Adorn your lips with the color red / Look through the glass and there will be no discontent / Remove the package and smell the pleasant scent
  20. It was perfume, which I found in our bathroom cabinet, behind the mirror, and the next clue:
    Oh you may not think I'm pretty / But don't judge on what you see / I'll eat myself if you can find / A smarter sock than me
  21. In my sock drawer was a package of Hogwarts house socks! Get it? Sorting socks!
    My exact words upon opening them were, "Oooh if I'm ever feeling devious I'll wear Slytherin, and if I need to be smart I'll wear Ravenclaw! And Hufflepuff... I'll just wear Hufflepuff anytime." Brett's response was, "I was going to get you underwear too, but they only had Slytherin." OF COURSE.
  22. The socks were wrapped in the next clue. The package looked like this.
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  23. There were nine pennies and three quarters! Which led me to this print hanging as part of the gallery wall in our living room.
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  24. Behind it was an arrow pointing to behind the TV, where I found my last gift.
  25. A jar labeled "Thunderbolt Fund"! Brett explained that we could put money in it to save for going to Harry Potter World someday!
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  26. So far all that's in there are nine pennies and three quarters, but it's a start.
  27. And that's the story of how my awesome husband was super sweet this Christmas. ❤️⚡️
  28. So if you have any ten-year-old HP fans, feel free to steal this idea. Brett says you may even use his poetry. 😉