1. Jean-Philip Grobler, the lead singer of the band St. Lucia, and I had a moment tonight.
  2. This is what he looks like.
  3. And he is amazing. The whole band is amazing.
  4. I was at their show tonight in Columbus, Ohio, and during the song "Love Somebody," Jean-Philip (I'm going to call him by his Christian name) hopped down into the audience.
  5. He started walking through the audience while performing the song, clearly wanting to engage us and find people who would dance with him as he passed by.
  6. This was a standing-room-only venue. I was not in the way back, but like the back third quarter, on the right hand side.
  7. He made a wide arc, all the way about 3/4 to the back of the room, and I knew he was coming for me.
  8. He turned my direction, and I saw his face, glistening with talented sweat and voice rocketing from mouth to microphone.
  9. The crowd slowly parted around him and the spotlight pointed him out.
  10. He was close enough I could hear him singing through the microphone AND ten feet away from me.
  11. His eyes were closed because he was singing, but when he opened them he looked at me and headed my way.
  12. This is what I imagine my face looked like.
  13. The crowd had parted to make way for him, but I felt like I had nowhere to go? I didn't know which direction to move myself. So I kind of stayed there like in Frogger when you can't decide if it's safer to keep crossing the street or turn back.
  14. He didn't seem bothered, though (or didn't notice because this is all happening in split-seconds) and kept moving toward me.
  15. This is where I'm like, oh boy. He wants me to dance with him. To act cool and smile, but probably also get out of his way so he can keep winding through the crowd.
  16. The moment I notice the spotlight is on me is the moment I lose all consciousness of what I am doing with my body and my face.
  17. So I think I tried to groove a little as I got out of the way. I KNOW I was smiling like an idiot. My only hope is that it all came off better than I feel like it did?
  18. I mean, I am adorkabke at best. Surprise situations involving dancing, being less than inches away from a favorite musical artist, and looking cool are not my comfort zone. I'm not the Cool Girl in this situation.
  19. I didn't touch him on purpose, but it happened.
    I mean, he was THIS. CLOSE. in a standing-room-only venue.
  20. He was warm, and his shirt was very soft. This wasn't cheap cotton, folks.
  21. And though he looked (understandably) high on the sweaty scale because he was putting in such an energetic show, he did not feel sweaty at all.
  22. When he got back on stage, after the song was over, he said, "Wow, Columbus, there are some sexy people out in this audience."
  23. Everyone cheered and I blushed because obviously he was talking about me.
  24. No but really, the eye contact and physical contact were real, and that's all that matters.
    Here is a screen shot of the video the girl next to me took of the special moment. It's my only documentation.
  25. I know Jean-Philip will hold this memory as close to his heart as I will.
  26. ❌⭕️❌⭕️