Since we've been married, we've added on a new one every year. It's fun to come up with new traditions that are just for us! It makes us feel like a legit family, even with just the two of us.
  1. Open our gifts to each other first thing in the morning at home, before heading to my parents' house.
    Some people take their gifts along to open with everyone, but we like this better.
  2. Drink a beer at the pub close to our church before the Christmas Eve service.
    Usually my younger brother does the music for the late 11pm service, so we go there to support him and kill time at the pub.
  3. Watch the Lord of the Rings movies between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    We love these movies and quote them all the time. (Fave: "It's here... In my pocket.") There's no better way to wrap gifts than by simultaneously watching the Battle of Helms Deep.
  4. Exchange books on Christmas Eve and read in bed late into the night.
    We decided to do this this year and we're really excited! We're not even going to buy books, just wrap ones we already have that we think the other should read.