For years I've been wanting to write a children's book based on the stories my grandpa used to tell us as kids. He was a merchant sailor from Greece, and he traveled all over the world before immigrating to the United States. Like most grandpas, the stories he told were fact and fiction mixed together. This is his 80th birthday gift.
    By Hanna Osterwyk
  2. Pappou the Pirate was STRONG. His arms were as wide as his hand! Pappou the Pirate knew how to fight with a sword. He kept all the bad guys away.
  3. Pappou the Pirate knew how to charm the ladies. He swept them off their feet!
  4. Pappou the Pirate could swim faster than a shark. NOT THIS TIME, SHARK!
  5. Pappou the Pirate sailed his ship to distant lands...
  6. ... And across all seven seas.
  7. Pappou the Pirate came to the United States.
  8. And there he buried his treasure.
  9. And lived happily ever after.
  10. The End