1. Religion/spirituality and social media don't mix well, historically.
  2. This is a safe place, and unfortunately, the world such as it is, many religions, Christians, and churches have made people feel unsafe.
  3. Most references I've seen about God/religion/Christianity on here have been negative
    And though this IS a safe place, and I don't REALLY think someone would say anything hurtful to me directly about my faith, it's still scary?
  4. I don't want people to assume things about me that aren't true
  5. Sometimes I feel like I can't participate
    Like when everyone is posting their "If I were to die in the next five minutes, here's what you need to know" lists. I would want to tell people that having a relationship with God is important! But no one wants an evangelist on here.
  6. Sometimes, it's because I just don't feel it.
    Having faith is hard. I struggle with doubts - not about God's existence, but about His character. Sometimes I'd rather try to ignore the whole Christianity thing than wrestle with it. But even in my doubts, assurances that God is real and Jesus has my back come up all the time.
  7. But I'm realizing that I'm probably better off just being open, honest, with God and everyone else - and seeing what happens.
  8. So if you have any questions about Christianity, you can ask me and I will give you an honest, understanding, non-Christianese answer.