One summer in college, I lived in Mumbai, India, one of the most crowded, noisy, messy, amazing cities on earth. Here were some things I noticed that felt strange when I returned to suburban Ohio, recorded in my journal back in July of 2011.
  1. Girls talk about their clothes a lot
  2. Going to the bathroom doesn't have to be one of the most horrible experiences of your life
    The bathrooms there are just really different. Rarely is toilet paper available, rarely is there air conditioning, often our stomachs were having a hard time adjusting to authentic Indian cuisine...
  3. People I know drive. I'm not driven everywhere by strangers.
  4. Parking lots
    Just the fact that they exist
  5. Grass
  6. The sky is blue even when it's cloudy
  7. Stores are HUGE, and the appearance of things is really important. Almost as important as the product itself.
  8. There are a lot more people at church [in Ohio], but it's a lot quieter during worship, prayer, and response time.
  9. You can easily spend a lot of money without wanting to
    As opposed to India, where you usually barter for things and are therefore thinking more about how much you spend.
  10. I feel alone
    It's hard to not have people around you who were a part of such a big experience.
  11. But my friends LOVE me
    I was welcomed back very well!
  12. And my family watches a lot of TV.