My brother, Austin, is amazing. He started singing and memorizing music at five, playing drums at ten, and ever since then it's been one thing after another: guitar, piano, harmonica, song writing, keyboard, recording, mixing - he does it all! Today his newest EP dropped and I'm super proud and listing about it.
  1. (5) Sunrise
    The verses aren't my fave, but the chorus really does sound like waking up on a beautiful summer morning. Digging the composition a LOT. You can tell he didn't choose the best of ten takes, but recorded it once or twice to keep it very authentic. The music and echoey things in the background are better than the rest.
  2. (4) Reconcile (Searching for Me)
    It's very upbeat for such a deep song. I think this one really expresses Austin's thoughts that led to the breakup this album is about. Plus, it features my sister-in-law and I blended together on background vocals.
  3. (3) Self Centered
    So honest. Clever lyrics (one of my favorite lines: It takes a fool to walk through fire/should have known I would get burned). This one also has a music video (created by my other younger brother Joel)! You can watch it on YouTube. I also lent some voice to the background vocals here, along with our friend JaMeya.
  4. (2) Out Of The Dark
    Driving vibe, and you could seriously dance to it. Happiest and most romantic song of the bunch. A favorite line: Can we forget that we ever had history / and will you take my hand like this was the first time we ever danced
  5. (1) Want You Back
    This is the peak of Austin's songwriting so far. Very (@john) John Mayer-esque guitar riffs in there, and then there's a modern musical twist near the end. This one will stay with you.
  6. Searching For Me, by Austin Hafner, is available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud! (And of course for download on iTunes!) Support grassroots artists!