After telling my un-love story (AN UN-LOVE STORY), someone said they wanted to read THE love story. Here is the very beginning.
  1. Once upon a time, I was dumped by my first ever boyfriend.
  2. We had known each other since middle school and had slowly become best friends, until halfway through my senior year it was more than that.
  3. I was about to be a sophomore in college, we had been dating for 20 months, and he broke up with me right as the summer ended, right when he and all my best friends were leaving for college.
  4. In one fell swoop he became the jerk he never was.
  5. I was not looking forward to going back to school. I had made some friendships freshman year, but they didn't last.
  6. Ryan wanted to try to stay friends, and I desperately needed him as a friend...
  7. But every time we talked on the phone it ended in tears or a fight.
  8. But I was so lonely, so... I tried.
  9. Miraculously, two things happened right away when I got to school:
  10. First, my roommate and next-dorm-neighbors were the sweetest and most supportive girls I've ever met.
  11. Secondly, I had class with a girl named Kirstin, and through her I was absorbed into a close-knit group of girl friends
  12. Even though all I did was cry all the time
  13. They still seemed to like me, and they made me part of their pack.
  14. We all hung out with a group of guys too. All of us would eat dinner together almost every night.
  15. And we had "failure film Fridays" where we'd watch a notoriously terrible movie.
  16. This all cheered me up very much.
  17. Kirstin and Pete, one of the guys, had a thing going on, so one day she asked me to come with her to one of Pete's soccer games.
  18. That's where I met Pete's best friend
  19. Who was wearing a blanket around his neck like a cape.
  20. I could tell he was special.
  21. That night, I left feeling so happy that I finally had friends at college.
  22. And, as I would find out later, Brett left thinking, "I'm going to marry that girl."
  23. To be continued...