November-ish, 2009
  1. Cutting off all communication with my ex and his new girlfriend felt great.
  2. At least what he did made him more of a jerk and easier to get over.
  3. So I pretty much moved on.
  4. One night, after our Failure Film Friday feature in the Quad (where four of our guy friends roomed together), our friends decided they wanted to watch Paranormal Activity.
  5. I do NOT do scary movies, especially about anything demonic.
  6. Knowing I would never be able to sleep again if I stayed, I announced that I was going to walk back to my dorm.
  7. Brett got up and said he would walk me home
    All of our guy friends In college made sure none of us girls walked home alone at night! 💕Chivalry
  8. I was all, "Are you sure? You'll miss the movie!"
  9. And he was like, "Yeah I'm sure."
  10. Everyone was watching and I could see their looks to each other, like they were all in on something.
    Wait, does he like me? Is it obvious?
  11. So we left. He told me in the hall that he didn't like scary movies either.
  12. I said something about how I'd rather watch The Lion King than a scary movie any day
  13. And he was all, "I have The Lion King on my computer. We could watch it?"
  14. And I was like, 👍🏼
  15. As we walked toward his dorm on the other side of campus, though, I started to feel weird about spending time alone in his room
  16. Because I wasn't ready for anything remotely boyfriend-y yet.
  17. Not even something that could give him the wrong idea.
  18. Plus I didn't know him super well. He could be a murderer.
  19. In that case, the blanket cape was an excellent ruse
  20. I don't remember how I steered him another direction
    Probably, "It's so nice out! I just want to stay outside!"
  21. But we strolled around campus for hours, ending up on a bench in a garden where we talked about our families
  22. We both had grandmas we were really close to who had recently passed away.
  23. I loved that he wanted to talk about that, because I was dating Ryan when my grandma died, and he basically ignored it.
    And dumped me three weeks later.
  24. Other than that, our families and backgrounds were so different.
  25. He had parents who relied on him too much, who he wanted to get away from, so he spent his freshman year at a college in Florida.
  26. I, on the other hand, felt the best when I was in my hometown, where my family was well known and people recognized and loved "the Hafners."
  27. I also realized that he had a golden heart
  28. And that he wanted to talk to me about everything in his life.
  29. Which was surprising and yet not.
  30. But it scared me a bit, and put me in a hard place.
  31. I knew that if I leaned in to what was happening, I would have a boyfriend again too quickly.
  32. And that it would probably be the real deal.
  33. And that I wasn't ready for that.
  34. I needed something to happen first
  35. I just didn't know what.
  36. P.S. Brett (@bosterwyk) is officially on the List App now, but he never uses it!! I have tried to get him to participate by requesting lists (Favorite Female Fictional Characters, The Hanna Love Story 😜, etc.) But it hasn't worked so far. Follow him and bug him with requests until he caves and sees how great this place is!!!