Where we left off: THE BRETT LOVE STORY, PART 5 I also just now realized that maybe I should have used fake names for my ex and Courtney, but eh, too late.
  1. I debated not answering the late night phone call from my ex, but yeah right like I wasn't gonna answer it.
  2. Ryan's like, "Hey," and basically gives me the whole story of him and Courtney. He wanted me to know that they were "official."
  3. Turns out he liked her and was planning to break up with me at least a week before he did it.
  4. Which isn't the way he put it, but is still a generous interpretation of what happened.
  5. I know that he met up with her the day before he dumped me.
  6. And literally the DAY AFTER HE DUMPED ME AND LEFT FOR COLLEGE, he called her and was basically like, "I think we're gonna get married one day."
  7. 😳
  8. And she was like, "Yeah, I think so too."
  9. 😳
  10. So like, PRIME example of how one couple's love story sounds so magical and perfect on one side...
  11. And on the other side is totally apeshit.
  12. And what blew my mind was how he put it - that it's what God wanted for his life, and that God made him see that he was going to marry Courtney.
  13. Which, like, that happened (they got married... Four years later), but can you just not make it sound like it was God's fault that you were a jerk and kept dating me while working up the courage to be with the person you actually wanted to be with...
    and basically planning our breakup with another woman and hiding your new relationship and making our friends lie to me about it?
  14. But I was in a good place and took the news SUPER well
  15. Because, at the time, my logic was, "Well if he was going to dump me like that, it better be for the person he's sure he's gonna marry."
  16. Which, TRUE...
  17. But weird.
  18. But anyway, enough about them.
  19. Hearing this news made me feel like I had closure, so I went to this conference, for the first time actually excited to see Brett in an I-could-date-him way.
  20. There's not much to say about our interactions at the conference.
  21. Just like at school, we snuck away from everyone and went for a long walk one night around the conference center.
  22. I think he maybe sensed a change in my openness to us being a thing, but he didn't say anything about it.
  23. By the time the week-long conference ended, I was kind of surprised he still hasn't actually told me what his feelings were for me...
  24. But I figured it was the first time we'd seen each other in over a month, so he was probably just testing the waters and would initiate The Talk when we got back to school.
  25. But a week after classes started, still nothing.
  26. I'd seen Brett plenty of times, even probably been alone with him at some point, but he hadn't even hinted about his feelings.
  27. I started to think that things must have changed for him over winter break
  28. Or that I had been wrong about him liking me this whole time
  29. If he did like me, he was making me mad by not saying anything.
  30. If he didn't like me, I was mad that he led me on, not to mentioned crushed.
  31. ...Basically a snapshot of how I take forever to figure out what I want, but then want it immediately.
  32. It seemed like Brett had been several steps ahead of me in this relationship since it started, but now he was lagging behind.
  33. So, like the strong, independent (read: desperate, impatient) woman I thought I was, I figured I'd have to take matters into my own hands.
  34. And with that I'm going to go to bed and leave you with yet another cliffhanger. 😏