1. So as you recall, I had decided I probably wanted to date Brett like a week ago, and I was already THE MOST impatient to find out if our friendship was going anywhere.
  2. One night, about a week after winter quarter started at school, Brett and I were both bored, and he asked me over IM if I wanted to go for a walk
  3. And actually, no I didn't, because it was winter quarter/January in Ohio and no thanks
  4. But I said yes, which shows you how desperate I was for answers
  5. Tonight could be the night he tells me what he's been thinking since we met
  6. He'd already told me he thought I was beautiful
  7. He sent me an encrypted Christmas card that was on one hand super disappointing, but granted it must have taken him hours to make
  8. And to cheer me up, he showed up outside my dorm with Dunkaroos like
  9. What more could a girl dream of?
  10. Plus he was kind, funny, those big brown eyes, always warm, best smile, etc etc
    Oh what babies we were.
  11. Anywho. We decided to go on one of our walks in JANUARY, and I lasted about 5 minutes before my teeth were chattering, so we snuck into the dorm next door.
  12. This dorm's top floor had these little raised alcoves in the hallway, so we climes into one and sat by the window.
  13. While we walked, it was so easy to talk. But now that we were sitting still, there was this heavy, awkward silence.
  14. I can still remember what I was wearing that night, because I stared at my feet for so long, waiting for him to say something.
    Very tight skinny jeans, dirty yellow converse, a huuuuge oversized blue sweater, and a red scarf and hat my grandma knitted.
  15. I started thinking I'd been super dumb this while time
  16. But then I started getting mad because if I was getting the wrong idea, it was totally his fault!
  17. Brett sensed my agitation and asked, "Is something wrong?"
  18. To which I responded, "I don't think you want to talk about it."
  19. "Oh." And he looked kind of sad.
  20. And I couldn't take it anymore. Staring at my feet, or out the window, anywhere but his face, I said:
  21. "Alright, fine! I like you, okay?!"
  22. He didn't say anything, so I looked up, ready to tell him I was mad - but he was smiling so big
  23. "I like you too! That's pretty much what I wanted to say. I really like you! I've been wanting to tell you for so long."
  24. ?!??!✨💫🎉💥💘☀️☀️
  25. I remember us scooting closer together to FINALLY hold hands
  26. And he explained that he'd been taking to my new friends, who told him about my recent break up and said they didn't know if I was ready.
  27. He didn't want to scare me off.
  28. But I guess no one knew yet how impulsive I was.
  29. He walked me back to my dorm room, and I told him I wasn't sure if I wanted to be boyfriend/girlfriend yet, but I was glad our feelings were out there.
  30. We decided not to tell everyone yet since we weren't officially "dating."
  31. My journal entry from that night (January 11, 2010) reads: SO happy today. I probably would draw little hearts if I was lame enough. BRETT likes ME! I can't tell you how happy it made me to finally tell him. To have it out there. We know. We like each other. It was so fricken cute.
  32. To be continued!