Let's honor the true uniqueness of Listappers by getting a little more creative with the emoji, k? Here's some suggestions for new "like" buttons.
  1. ⭐️vs ❤️
    I think we're all agreed that the star was better than the heart. It stands for all the gold stars we've earned through our weirdness and honesty. Bring back the star!
  2. 🌵vs⭐️
    However, I'm open to something completely off the beaten path, like this hipster cactus.
  3. ✋🏼vs 🌵
    Or, tap this icon for the equivalent of "high five, bro." (However, don't respond to a high five with a cactus. That's just rude.)
  4. 🐋
    "Much like a whale, this list is huge (in an impactful way) and also it can swim very well."
  5. 🐋✨vs 🐋
    "Even more unique and special than a unicorn, here is a space whale to show how far out I think this list is."
  6. 🔥💃🏻vs 💪🏼
    "This list is on FIRE/girl power/cha cha CHA!!"
  7. 🐘🐘🐘
    "I really appreciate how this list addresses the elephant in the room." (Option of adding elephants to the third degree is important.)
  8. 🐰
    My bunny, Hagrid
  9. 🎒
    Means you're feeling chipper/this list is so optimistic because Kimmy Schmidt
  10. 🐩
    "You need to check your white privilege!"
  11. 🐠💦
    Just keep swimming
  12. 👊🏼>👊🏼💥
    Fist bump, to which the receiver responds with fist bump explosion.
  13. 💯
    This would undoubtedly resolve the heart/star issue. It was meant to happen.
  14. 📍
    This list is where it's at!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  15. 💡
    This list is genius!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  16. 😔sad 😒yeah right 😱horrified. 😖icky 😯surprised - just a bunch of different emotions for how we feel about said list. Can you imagine?
    Suggested by   @sally_lee