1. My husband
    Brett has been excellent at every crappy job he's had. He's always above the pack, and slowly moving up to a job that isn't beneath him. He's a cartographer. He makes maps. He wants to make beautiful, easy-to-read maps. Currently he plots points.
  2. My book
    The one about my grandpa, who immigrated from Greece. It's a terrible book, but I wrote it.
  3. My brothers
    Two are married and have given me the best sisters in law ever, and one is a rock star chasing his dream
  4. My worldviews
    Although I'm not super savvy with the news, I also feel like I'm not totally ignorant about what's good and bad in the world
  5. My apartment
    It's a sometimes-damp, partially underground, hardly-sees-the-light-of-day apartment, but I've done my best to turn it into a cozy little eclectic cave.
  6. My parents
    Their lives took totally different directions once they were in their late forties and fifties: my mom became a pastor, and my dad discovered that he's amazing at musical theater. They remind me, when it seems like there's SO MUCH I want to do in life, that I don't have to stress about doing it all before I'm thirty or have kids.
  7. My writing skills
  8. My floral business
    This started out as a fun thing my boss and I worked on together, and turned into a side business that I run through the company I work for. I've helped a lot of low budget brides, and my business is growing! It makes me feel like I'm good at something. (If you want, follow AuroraFloraOH on Instagram.)
  9. My little brother (again) for writing, composing, singing, and recording this amazing song.
    Find Austin Hafner on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Google play! His album comes out early next year.
  10. My sense of humor
    I'm hilarious.
  11. My cousin, Madi
    At nineteen, she got married and shocked me with her poise in approaching marriage. It was so clear that they didn't go into marriage expecting rainbows and cotton candy all the time. They were looking forward to the hard stuff just as much, and it's so sweet and inspiring.