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  1. A children's book about a college professor who travels to the North Pole to teach Santa's elves how to read.
  2. A Rent-style musical about a stripper where all the songs are Christmas songs
  3. A novel about a married couple: she is a celebrity who's been cast as herself in a movie based on her memoir, and her husband, unbeknownst to her, is a secret agent (who's played in the film by Benedict Cumberbatch).
    The whole thing will be a metaphor for how couples can go about their lives super self-absorbed with their own distractions of choice (celebrity fantasies/tv/video games), and only occasionally connect on a real level.
  4. A children's book based on all the stories my grandpa used to tell us to convince us he was a pirate.
  5. A musical TV show about a Mormon biker gang
  6. A short story or novelization about the death of my youngest brother, told from the different perspectives of my mom, myself, and my other three brothers throughout the years he's been gone
    This is a really personal thing I've been working on here and there that's helped with the grieving process and understanding my relationship with my parents and siblings today.
  7. A re-write/novelization of the biography I've already written about my immigrant grandpa and how he and my grandma met and fell in love.
  8. My own memoir, obviously.