A cry for help from a millennial who can barely deal with technology.
  1. I get notified when people i follow list
    Do I need this info? Gets my hopes up for likes and comments. Also, isn't this what my feed is for?
  2. No more trending lists??
    Where did they go? How do I find them?
  3. And while we're on this topic, wtf is up with "Search"? I don't need to know you people's every move. I'm sure you don't want to see all the lists I've liked.
    Should I narrow down what I like? I feel like I'm being judged for this now.
  4. Direct messages are a thing
    Not that I've gotten any. On one hand: great, one less thing to worry about. On the other hand: suddenly worried about my waning popularity
  5. New number, who dis?
    Seriously, I don't recognize lots of people on my feed anymore. New profile pics? New usernames? Too much time has gone by and I no longer recognize you?!
  6. So who should I follow now?
  7. Need recommendations
  8. Also do lists get featured or trend still?
    Asking for a friend
  9. I feel like I need a whole new orientation
  10. Hi, I'm Hanna.