1. Working
    The small company I work for went from six employees to four within a month, and we're all scrambling to pick up the slack. It's insane.
  2. Playing
    I was in a community theatre production of The Little Mermaid that played a completely sold-out run in July.
  3. Celebrating
    My two best friends since 7th grade got engaged within two weeks of each other, and are getting married in the fall within a month of each other. I'm in both weddings and the MOH for one of them, so I've been attending and planning and throwing bridal showers and bachelorette parties left and right.
  4. Creating
    Despite the craziness at Aurora Exhibits, the Aurora Flora side business is going strong! I have 9 weddings between May and October, and have already started planning for 2017. Maybe a list of my favorite work coming soon?
  5. Living
    Brett (husband) and Hagrid (🐰) are doing great! Marriage is still the best decision I ever made, and I'm looking forward to putting more work into it this fall - picking up on our weekly date nights and maybe even vacationing for a few days around our anniversary.
  6. Dreaming
    I feel my life is going to take a turn soon (hopefully!) career-wise, and I am so ready for something new. Been writing a lot, coming up with genius ideas, hoping for the down time to make an idea an actual thing.