Just another ~*Giving Tuesday~*+ list
  1. Brett (husband) and I live in a low-income area on the northeast edge of Columbus, OH
  2. We've lived here for two years and are still trying to get to know our neighbors
  3. From what we've gathered, many of them are immigrants from different regions of Africa.
  4. A lot of them are Muslim
  5. I've met a veteran or two and a few people with kids who have mental disabilities.
  6. We're not wealthy by any means, and our rent is cheap, which leads me to believe that our neighbors might be facing hard times.
  7. For the two years we've lived here, I've wanted so badly to have a cookout, or a garage sale, or start a community garden, but I just haven't done it
  8. Because I don't have the funds/authority and because I'm chicken and kinda lazy
  9. And all this year, I've been trying to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle.
  10. Especially with my clothes. I'm in the process of finishing up a capsule wardrobe.
  11. And we tried to do a garage sale in the summer, but it fell through.
  12. So bags of things have accumulated.
  13. Then yesterday I heard of Giving Tuesday for the first time
  14. What a perfect excuse.
  15. I boldly printed flyers and hung them around all the apartment buildings (ask for forgiveness, not permission)
  16. And tonight they came to root through all our stuff, drink hot chocolate, and take anything they wanted for free.
  17. We met a woman from Africa who's been here for three years and tried to be neighborly, but gave up when none of her meals/cookies/offerings of friendship were recipeocated
  18. We met a young Muslim man from Morocco, who lives above us with his wife and two daughters, whom we've never seen.
  19. We met a man who is struggling with health issues and has a daughter with a mental illness (who lit up at my old Dorothy shoes and took all the dresses)
  20. We met a woman who took shirts to make bags with, while her autistic granddaughter played with nail polish and bracelets
  21. We met two teenage girls who JUST GOT HERE FROM AFRICA to be with their father, who's been here for eight years.
  22. This is what Brett and I want to do with our lives and our marriage. Serve other people. Be kind to everyone. Make everyone feel loved and welcome.
  23. I feel much better and happier than I have in months.
  24. Giving Tuesday was just the start. I foresee a taco party for my birthday in January, cookouts in the summer, and much more.
  25. Best day ever.