⭐️ Over sharing! ⭐️
  1. What if people misinterpret and think I don't love my husband enough??
  2. What if Max (who rarely uses social media and might still be the last person on earth without a smart phone) sees it?
  3. Is this what @bjnovak intended the List app to be?
  4. Like, maybe that was way too vulnerable.
  5. Maybe I should write a list for my Brett love story
  6. But that would be wayyyy longer
  7. * Goes to bed. *
  8. *Wakes up to more likes and responses than I've ever had, combined*
  9. Whaaaaaat???!
  10. You are all my friends!!!! 😍😍😍
  11. What if Max sees this, and I read him wrong this whole time
  12. I hate that that's still a possibility
  13. What?! I'm trending??!??
  14. I shouldn't expect this kind of response every time I overshare, right?
  15. And I definitely shouldn't expect this kind of response after all my 1 am decisions.