*After the initial scrub down. I'm no miracle worker.
  1. Scrub your shower down for the last time.
    This may be the last time you give your shower a good scrubbing, so make it special. Maybe play some sweet Kenny G. I'll make it easy for you. https://youtu.be/QN2RnjFHmNY Wipe it down with a towel when you're done to get rid of smudges on the glass.
  2. Shower.
    Not right away. Just whenever. This list will be here when you're ready.
  3. Wipe down all the glass inside the shower with your hand.
    Yeah, while you're still nakey in the shower with the water running. Now you can tell people you clean in the nude. I don't know why you would, but the option is there.
  4. Throw water at the glass.
    Cup that water in your hand, and throw it like you mean it! Get all the places you wiped down.
  5. Post-shower spray down.
    Use some kind of Daily Shower Cleaner spray to spray the inside of the whole shower when you're done. I like Kaboom because it's fun to say. KABOOM! No need to wipe it down. Just leave the spray to do it's work.
  6. Marvel at the beauty of a clear shower door with little effort.
    I know I do. Sometimes I just stare it while I'm on the toilet when I've forgotten my phone.
  7. BONUS!!
    Now that you clean it every day, you can pee in the shower without guilt! Not that you would ever do that. I can't believe you even brought that up. Gross. You're disgusting.