Things I think while watching endless children's shows

  1. The man with the yellow hat is an irresponsible pet owner.
    And how is everybody okay with George ruining everything ever?
  2. How did Oso become a special agent?
    That guy's a moron that needs a watch to tell him how to do basic steps. Are they just letting anyone be a special agent these days?
  3. I could mouse-ka-doer.
    That joke comes out of my mouth every time.
  4. I wonder how many children's shows end with everyone laughing.
    Now that I've pointed it out, you'll see how often it happens.
  5. Is that Jim Cumming's voice?
    Seriously. That guy is my entire childhood, and he's still going strong.
  6. Why do all the household items talk, but Blue can't?
    Steve can talk to a pepper shaker, but not his dog.
  7. When are the man with the yellow hat and Dr. Wiseman going to hook up?
    Come on! She tolerates your monkey. Go for it, man!