1. This is pretty big. I'm just going to eat a small piece.
  2. That one was pretty small. Just one more piece.
  3. I'm going to save the rest for the kids after school. They'll like that.
  4. Eh, okay, I'll finish off this row, so it's even.
  5. Dang it. It broke sideways. I better eat this part, too, so it's even.
  6. I'm saving the rest for the kids.
  7. But they don't even know I have this, right? So they won't know if I eat it all.
  8. Nope. Not eating anymore.
  9. After this piece.
  10. I should probably just finish off this row, too.
  11. Now there's just one row left. That's not enough for the kids. They'll just fight about it. It's better for all if I just eat it now.
  12. I'll just stuff the wrapper far down into the trash can. They'll never know.
  13. Why did I eat that whole candy bar?
  14. I'll find some vegetables to even it out.
  15. Maybe.