I'm one of those people who thinks I could be mildly into this app, let me get the bombing out of the way while I'm en route
  1. My driver is a parrot head
    Blasting the hero of dads in sandals everywhere, Cheeseburger in Paradise. Coincidentally I have a cheeseburger in my backpack. I bought it at 10:30 am along with an egg mcmuffin because I guess I wanted to feel some sort of power. It's my very first egg mcmuffin and I'm wildly disappointed
  2. No seat neighbor
    This is the creme de la creme of Bolt bus legroom positives. I admit that the cheeseburger might have been to dissuade any potential seat mates. Bonus: charger works. Dare I attempt wifi?
  3. I forgot my headphones
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Now I will just have to eavesdrop the two women next to me.
  4. Oh my god.
    The women next to me are divorcing their husbands to marry other women. Honestly not clear if that's to each other, but damn that's some juicy gossip. Good for them.
  5. Oh, nah.
    They're talking now about storage methods for magazines. Didn't realize this was the bus to Snooze City, CA.
  6. My bus driver just pulled over to help another bus.
    It's gonna be a bus full of creepy hitch hikers with hooks for hands, just watch.
  7. I've written two other lists while editing this one
    This is no longer my first list. Lack of headphones forcing me to think harder because I can't eavesdrop myself to boredom.
  8. I think I'm gonna do it
    I'm going to eat this cheeseburger.