I lost my job due to budget cuts, here's a slice of my life when I find myself without working responsibilities for the first time in almost a decade.
  1. Cry
    Holy crap, it's embarrassing. I've never lost a job, what do I tell people?
  2. Seek comfort from your really attractive new boyfriend
    Fun fact, I'd gone through a breakup almost exactly a year before and it hit about the same level. The new boyf is great, and way better for me. That knowledge/comparison is a comforting reminder that hopefully the same will happen with employment.
  3. Get a planner, a paper one.
    Okay you don't have anything to plan anymore, but seeing your life on paper is a good reminder that your days aren't totally useless without a job. It'll be a cool habit to have once you have responsibilities for other people again.
  4. Reevaluate your entire life
    This was supposed to be strictly a college nightmare wasn't it?? Where do I even want to live anymore?? Why do I suddenly want to go after my degree instead of my impressively low paying music business dreams??
  5. Call your parents.
    For advice at first, then just to chat. Like every day. Like enough that I'm pretty sure they're screening their phone calls because they have things to do with their lives.
  6. Pick up a hobby.
    Ho boy. I mean here I am starting lists now, but you should see my impressive succulent propagation variety or all of the seedlings and maps I've prepared for this summer's self-sufficient edible balcony garden. (None of my friends hang out during the day to tell me I am losing my mind).
  7. Apply for unemployment
    If you qualify, freaking do it. Not only does it give you enough to feed yourself, but it requires you to keep track of the job search and keep it up. My computer is a perfectly organized epicenter of time sheets, cover letters, and tailored resumes.
  8. Spend like the wind in a bout of denial
    Keep it up girl, say goodbye to all of your savings because your stress shopping for weird things that you think will fill that void or outfits you're totally going to wear to that interview (no you're not. Also you don't have any interviews yet)
  9. Cry
    This time you have no money. You dummy.
  10. Become a master saver
    You will not believe the actually amazing dinners I have made with things I know my roommates have long forgotten about. It's like an episode of Chopped with ingredients like half rotten broccoli and Christmas 2014 shortbread cookies
  11. Keep. Going.
    If you are in a position where you're not desperate enough to settle just yet, just keep doing it. You're developing Tom Hanks in Castaway level survival skills. If you do need to settle, that's just fine too, you've gotta eat. You're more than your job, but just keep working for something better.