"Random" is a loaded term lol
  1. Screenshot coz i must absorb everything Jill has to say
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  2. Do you know Marina Keegan?
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    Her essay of the same title was really touching and after she died two weeks into her college graduation, her work was published in memorandum (is that how u use the word) in New Yorker. She really good. It was cool to see her work in a book in Powell's Books in Portland.
  3. LA from the sky
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    So jewel-y
  4. From Rubin Museum of Art
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    The hole in the bottom indicates that someone took out the slip of paper which has words by Buddha written on, which, when sealed within an object, consecrates the object forever. But whoever looted this object took that slip of paper (prayer) out, making this object defunct and unholy. Ugh.
  5. This guy from Tinder
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    I swiped right obvi