1. My professional nickname is Hannie.
    Sounds like Honey, but Midwestern-ly exaggerated.
  2. My actual name is Han Gyeol Lee.
    Don't even try to pronounce it..
  3. "Han" means "high" and "Gyeol" means "to achieve"
    So combined, my name means "soar high and achieve a lot" My parents are Korean.
  4. My dad came up with my name on a toilet.
    Why did he decide to tell me that?
  5. My dad looks like Bill Murray by the way!!
  6. My first day in the U.S.was also my first day at college.
  7. That's a lie! My first time in the States was for a Christian camp in countryside San Francisco.
    I was eleven and didn't speak English. Except for "nice to meet you" and "later"
  8. I love documentary films/series.
    I can make a party out of it 💃🔔♨️
  9. I have 5 jobs currently
    Which means your choice of wine is on ME!!!
  10. At the graduation night of my elementary school, I was voted "most likely to marry early"
    I think that jinxed me for life.
  11. I was also voted:
  12. I listen to Louis CK or Ricky Gervais if I can't fall asleep
    Sometimes Rihanna videos help too
  13. In 20 years, I see myself juggling 5 different boss titles and rearing 9 dogs at my house with a sick backyard.
  14. My only regret in life is that River Phoenix had died.
  15. Hehe