A subjective, less than comprehensive list. Observations from waiting in line for a bus, where generations meet and snarky thoughts cross roads.
  1. The way a girl runs is super conscious of her bouncing tits, making everyone watching this uncomfortable
    Whereas a woman runs in rhyme with the bouncing tits, maintaining composure and her purpose to be running in the first place.
  2. Honestly girl, your tits are fine. Stop worrying about them.
  3. A woman says "Because I said so!" with conviction
    Whereas a girl says it with strings attached, 'is this really gonna work...?'
  4. A woman scoffs at razor scooters
    Because fuck razor scooters.
  5. When shit hits the fan, a woman doesn't show her emotions to any old body.
    Every girl has broken down in public. Because boys are the worst little shits and hormones aren't regulated properly yet.
  6. Parents' divorce cuts like a scalpel for a girl, whereas for a woman, it's a hurtful condition she can manage.
  7. But you can do all these girl things and still be a woman.
    Because where does one begin and the other end? The term "girl" and "woman" is not even real anyways.
  8. The point is, public transportation in Chicago is slow as hell.