It just won't feel right, it just won't do the job ☝️
  1. "Get over yourself"
  2. "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do"
  3. "Make something of yourself"
  4. Eyeroll
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    Eyerolls / grunts exist everywhere in some ways, but no country does it on as epic of scale as North Americans.
  5. "D'aww"
    What is the extra d for?
  6. Blowing raspberries
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    I love it especially when adults do it and the phrase itself
  7. The "get it gurl" snap ☝️
    One finger up and a snappy circle around the chest area, with slightly skewed shoulder and hips.
  8. "Get it girl"
    If we were to try and translate this, we would have to start with defining "it," which is just not the point.