And why I failed: I've been watching TV all in wrong order. Also just my taste 🍜
  1. Big Love
    Ginnifer Goodwin
  2. Bored to Death
    Can't relate (like, ever, with Jason Schwartzman)
  3. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
    When Jill Scott got a marriage proposal from a suited older man...I got overly protective and it got too stressful.
  4. Six Feet Under
    Could not get over how the mother plays the same but this time dead character in American Horror Story. Goosebumps! Also Peter Krause the wholesome dad Adam from Parenthood? Could not picture him getting hot, neurotic sex.
  5. The Wire
    Still trying!!!!!!!
  6. The Sopranos
    Just could not get over how Hannah's faculty crush (from Girls) is the idiot nephew Christopher here. Just kidding. I'm taking it slow. On Season 4 now.
  7. Casual Vacancy
    Just yawn
  8. Show Me a Hero
    The Hero marries his thin brunette secretary like 10 mins into the show so no.
  9. The Brink
    Love Jack Black and Tim Robbins but women were treated like dog treats in this show. Finished after episode 1.
  10. Getting On
    Because HBO cancelled it 😭
  11. Enlightened
    I can only hear Laura Dern's gaspy voice-over narrations for too many episodes
  12. Extras
    Stopped before final episode because I'm saving it. (Still traumatized by how the original The Office was only like 13 episodes long.)
  13. The Newsroom
    Because it got cancelled 😭 but then MacKenzie and McAvoy get married so I guess party was over anyways.
  14. Project Greenlight
    Felt like reliving film school, so fuck no
  15. Doll & Em
    Why do we need another show about two skinny white women (one already successful) trying to make it in LA?
  16. True Detective 2
    No substance whatsoever...Despite Taylor Kitsch 💔
  17. Obviously HBO made shows that I watch over and over too.
    Diversity is definitely lacking though so I'm looking forward to all those "diverse voices" show deals and teleplays to come to real life.
  18. I can't wait for the new TV season!!!!
  19. I need a Netflix account 😢