If you are a girl
  1. I would thank you for things a lot
    Because in my head I'm thinking "thank you for being so pleasant to look at and to interact with" "you are so awesome"
  2. I would remember an item of clothing you wore one time
    Although my rule is not to compliment them verbally because, vanity. I just remember.
  3. You know I already went through all of your profile picture
    Because I would leave bizarre comments like "You do your tulip thing, lady!"
  4. All my sentences will end in two exclamation points
    Both on text and speech
  5. I would go out of my way to accept your invitation to hang out
  6. If I ever sent you an email, the first few paragraphs will be a long description of how awesome I think you are
    Probably went thru various drafts to make it brief
  7. I would introduce you to my selected cool friends
  8. Sometimes I would just watch you
  9. Sorry not sorry
    I love strong independent women