Add urs so I can see thru your men-buds🔮😎 this list inspired by the hawk-eyed @john
  1. Interestingly enough, I had far more difficulty coming up with last names!
    I've always thought Jack and Chris and Maxwell were hot-guy names but didn't get far enough to think of last names, hence the ripping off of last names of real hot-guys I know 😚
  2. Tom Hardy
    Obviously. Also HOT that I get to teasingly call this guy a Softy. Mmmm
  3. Jack Middleton
    Douchey but mmmmm
  4. Doe Jin Kim
    Never been disappointed by that name!
  5. (Guy name) Depp
  6. Chris Dempsie
  7. Matías de Buiguignon
    Matt is a good name but too common/hit or miss, but a Matías always delivers ☺️
  8. Daniel Henney
    This is a real half Korean guy that is SO hot
  9. Leon Riggins
    Tim Riggins + Leon Bridges
  10. Luis Ferdinand
    Half German, half Brazillian or something
  11. Gabriel Noé
  12. Maxwell
    Just, Maxwell.
  13. Maxwell Young
    Just, Maxwell. I've never met an unattractive Maxwell.
  14. Maxwell You
    Just a playful, selfless guy
  15. Elliot Rigby
  16. June Soo, June Ankorage, June Miller, whatever
    "June" in Korean has the meaning of "handsome, neat, proper" and also June is just generally a great month. (My birthday is June 2 👊)
  17. Hwan Hee (any last name)
    My mom was going to name me this if I were going to be a boy. It means pure joy. I'd be very attracted to a boy just for having my name from the alternate universe because I'm full of shit 😎