Ambiguous questions give a good gauge to one's level of intelligence and general state of life and shit
  1. What is happiness
    Happiness is when you finish what you started in a boundary-pushing way. Lol "boundary-pushing"
  2. What is sadness
    Sadness is when you are doing work for your unpaid internship on a weekend because you can't think of anything else to do
  3. What is disappointment
    Disappointment is when you ask your white friends, do you like spicy food? And they say, "OMG I love spicy food!!" So you cook them some authentic korean food and they can't eat it...
  4. What is deception
    Deception is when cats act vulnerable
  5. What is independence
    Independence is when you bike from work and it takes shorter than it would if you commuted on a car
  6. What is respect
    Respect is when you let the other person DJ
  7. What is self-realization
    Self-realization is when you can pay for your family to live close to you
  8. What is sacrifice
    Sacrifice is when you watch Real Housewives of NYC even though it causes you so much stress because they won't stop fighting but you keep watching because you care what happens to them
  9. What is love
    Love is like breastfeeding. It nurtures someone, it does something good for your metabolism that you lose weight.