Things I'd call excessive
  1. Chicago wind
    Like what are you trying to prove Chicago wind?? I get it, your dick is bigger than mine!
  2. Chicago police
  3. When u own UGGs (ew) and you own many of them in different colors
  4. The variety of names Victoria's Secret has for bra type and size
    "Angel Fuzziness Hop DD" and "Ferocious Feather Chic AD" and shit
  5. Viable and accessible land in America that are currently parking lots
  6. When people make possums their pets
  7. The word "Bromedy"
  8. The word "Bromance"
  9. Random casting of white Bristish actors/actresses in TV shows
    Jk i love your accents or whatever but we don't need you unless you're Sherlock
  10. The word "udder"
  11. The amount of !!!! and emojis I use to prove my emotional engagement when texting
  12. Connecting your instagram to Facebook and then putting 27 hashtags over a one-word caption like a crazy person
    Unfriending u because see ya later on Instagram
  13. When Spanish people pronounce their "c" and "z" "th"
    Jk it's hot.
  14. That "too" next to "excessive" in the title