Thank you @aprilkquioh it was delicious to think about this prompt
  1. Going on a midsummer night stroll
    High as balls off a brownie
  2. For commercial breaks to disappear coz they don't work
    Done with these cockblocks to my lovemaking with TV
  3. Woman Asian showrunner
  4. To cleaning this hole
    B44f27d6 3940 4b6e 81f2 b528e4bcd9ca
    Called my college house
  5. To meeting a real psychic
  6. Doing something crazy that Amy interviews me
    For that bar interview segment on her show
  7. Going to a stand-up by myself
    And then maybe get to be on Louie
  8. For everyone to be okay with the c word
  9. Cohabiting with 9 dogs
  10. For ppl to figure out recycling
    Once and for all
  11. Having disposable income
  12. Joining a dance troupe in LA
    Like Jessica Alba in Honey
  13. Having a lover in every continent
  14. Having a conversation with Steve Jobs in the afterlife world
    He will probably introduce me to the kinds of drugs and fonts you can't get on Earth