Thank you @aprilkquioh u get me
  1. How do One Direction boys have so many tattoos and still target teenage girls?
    In Korea, showing tattoos or belly button on TV gets them banned from TV appearance for a month.
  2. The way the Kardashians talk
    Is its own, manicured English I never knew existed
  3. Cops
  4. Work ethic
    American culture is built around it but at one point it becomes "uncool" to talk about work and to work. Ppl don't seem to care for the unglamorous process and celebrate success that seem effortless.
  5. How people lose their virginity
    From movies I thought everyone lose their virginity at proms. I asked around. Turns out proms are the last place you want to lose your virginity at.
  6. Prom
    Some say it is not a big deal. But movies say otherwise. What is prom?
  7. The Greek System
    If one day, an Asian/black girl join a sorority and not feel like a token minority, that would be great, thanks.
  8. Music festivals
    I have been to one music festival and loved it, but acknowledge that music festivals are socioeconomically segregating.
  9. Sex shops
    Coming from a country of DIY-pleasure, I don't know why and how ppl spend money on sex toys..(like make ur own toy)
  10. "I love you"
    People say it so easily--like if you nailed a joke, people will "i love you" me--so I don't know when it really means something and when it's just an expression.
  11. White bros
    Full of them in Wrigleyville. Also on movies about male friendship. Who are they? Who made them? I just always feel bad for them.
  12. Lily-Rose Depp
    It's fascinating how all the children of famous ppl end up in the same industry with their parents, regardless of how talented they are. In Korea, regardless of how famous your parents are, you GO TO SCHOOL and GO TO COLLEGE.
  13. OD
    I really want to stop losing my favorite, most talented artists and friends to OD and wish the industry didn't condone/promote it.
  14. Braces
    Literally everyone has had them. In Korea you are kind of a rich weirdo if you get them. Your teeth are fine.
  15. Why and how "The Interview" was greenlit
  16. Why and how "The Internship" was greenlit
  17. How none of the actresses playing Lane or her mom was Korean in Gilmore Girls and they still had to blurt out Korean every now and then
    i felt so bad for them