1. When I smell good and healthy after running a bunch of errands
  2. When dogs love me
  3. When dogs try to hump me and the dog owners are embarrassed
    Lol it's ok we are all animals
  4. When my friends love and re-watch a movie I recommended
  5. When people ask me for movie recommendations
  6. When I manage to make meaningful eye contact with a stranger
  7. When someone makes a photo I took his/her profile picture
  8. When I manage to bike with a bunch of heavy shit on me
  9. After I hand-wash my own laundry
  10. After I bump my head into something
    But it doesn't hurt because I was habitually wearing my bike helmet
  11. When I play a song at a party and someone goes, "I love this song!"
  12. When my teacher recommended Mrs. Dalloway in high school
    And I read it and understood it and love it!
  13. When using work/school credit card 💳