1. Cristina Yang in Grey's Anatomy
    That scene where she talks about how burke took a piece of her and that scene where she talks about why she became a cardio surgeon 😭😭😭😭😭 Sandra Oh is such a great actress
  2. Gilly in SNL
    When I do bad or ridiculous things (which is a lot) I behave exactly like Gilly. I feel understood!
  3. Nina (Woman Fred Armisen) in Portlandia
    She's so hot
  4. Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls
    She made running an INN and riding a JEEP and CONNECTICUT seem so cool. Enough said.
  5. Andy from Parks and Rec
    I would date Andy 😭😭
  6. Chris from Skins
    💘 probably my first whiteboy crush. But I also felt like he was my son. Which is weird.
  7. These two
  8. Derek in Derek
  9. When Amy plays a drunk white girl
    ~cherish you~
  10. Louie in Louie
    When he flips off his daughter, etc., etc.