I've been a tearhole (a word? Derivative of butthole) this week and I'm embarrassed. Fall weather would do this to me.
  1. When I was waving goodbye to my friend's mom who I guess sort of adopted me
    She helped me move in to my own place
  2. When I watched a documentary called Old Partner, made in Korea in 2006 while waiting for my stranger roommates to tell me the wifi password.
    It's a must watch 😭 it's about the friendship between a farmer and his cow
  3. When I was sent a picture of the cat I was staying with for the past 4 months
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    I miss her fur and meowing so much 😭😭
  4. When I watched this video of little Japanese brother and sister doing errands on their own for the first time
  5. Talking about this article with my Korean friend http://n.pr/1OZBDO7
    The part about parents' love
  6. I'm feel like such a child 😭