I've been a tearhole (a word? Derivative of butthole) this week and I'm embarrassed. Fall weather would do this to me.
  1. When I was waving goodbye to my friend's mom who I guess sort of adopted me
    She helped me move in to my own place
  2. When I watched a documentary called Old Partner, made in Korea in 2006 while waiting for my stranger roommates to tell me the wifi password.
    It's a must watch 😭 it's about the friendship between a farmer and his cow
  3. When I was sent a picture of the cat I was staying with for the past 4 months
    I miss her fur and meowing so much 😭😭
  4. When I watched this video of little Japanese brother and sister doing errands on their own for the first time
  5. Talking about this article with my Korean friend
    The part about parents' love
  6. I'm feel like such a child 😭