Oh...Bonnaroo, the massive glorious party on the Farm. @aprilkquioh, you should go when you are feelin insane.
  1. I met so many hot, down-to-rage boys and girls from New Orleans
    Turns out New Orleans is winning
  2. And from them I learned how to roll a blunt
  3. Childish Gambino proved himself sex soloist
  4. D'Angelo came
    All over the stage. His encore was 30 minutes long and I've never seen my 6ft-tall white friend dance so hard
  5. Earth, Wind, and Fire made me so happy
    And when Kendrick and Chance the Rapper repped Chicago during their surprise appearance, I felt my young-adulthood validated. Ya feel me?
  6. This lady made me cry
    We were volunteers together handling traffic on the road in the heat for 2 hours. She shared me her life story of how she put herself thru college living in a trailer, managed to retire at age 37 and raised a child with a man she really loved but wasn't married to. Maybe it was the heat but having a stranger share with me her life story got me feelin super mushy 😢
  7. Waited 2 hours in line for Amy's Trainwreck
    There were at least 300 people waiting in line behind me, too, and we couldn't fit in the cinema tent after all. Apparently it was hilarious and people who made it into the screening said that they would pay to watch it again 🙌
  8. The naked acid man in The Grove
    The Grove is this trippy section in the forest-y area with pretty lights and ambient music in the Farm where people who are on too much drugs to handle go. One man kept racing through the Grove in loop, butt-naked and screaming. When the staff came to chase him down, he jumped up, in some kind of attempt to be a hero, onto a porta-potty. The cops (they ride on horses at Bonnaroo lol) were able to catch the naked man only when the plastic porta-potty broke through and the naked man took a dive.
  9. I hit on popsicle guy(s) from GA
    Ever heard of King of Pops? Something about men delivering you homemade popsicles in a little cart...
  10. So many smells have been smelled
  11. I hit on a 18-year-old Jewish boy
    He was alone at D'Angelo because all his friends went to see Bassnecter (ew) so I was instantly in favor
  12. Tits were out
    Pretty tits are great 👍 the only ones catcalling them were of course 50-to-60-year-old men. "I have photographic memory you know" one of them said.
  13. Intimate times with the porta-potties
    They were so colorful and vibrated like its own boombox because I was out of this earthhhh
  14. So many white dads swore by Billy Joel
  15. So many white girls swore by Robert Plant
  16. Met a person from Maine who wants to help North Korea
    She wanted to sponsor those who are trying to escape North Korea and I will keep in touch to help her with the process!
  17. I farted as loudly as I wanted wherever I was
    Because no one cared
  18. I was so lost
    I lost my phone because I was tripping balls and was wondering around in that 700 acre farm trying to find my friends for like 3 hours. Just when I was about to give up looping the same spots and asking randos for their phones, I ran into my friend sleeping under a tree in her leopard costume, crouched like a...like a leopard lol. Turns out she was passed out for about 3 hours after wandering around by herself. To be obvious, we found love in a hopeless place
  19. A stray cat was adopted
    Security crew working on the tollbooth found a black kitten wandering about without a mom so my crew took him in. The day after one of the Bonnaroo crew from the area brought him home 👍
  20. Overheard three bros turn away from Kendrick
    Saying, "yo let's go to Tove Lo. I heard that chick shows her tits during concerts."
  21. One girl kept talking to me in terms of SNL skits
    this was during the sunrise where everyone was slightly delirious
  22. Southern nice at the lost and found
    This lady I chatted with at the lost and found line for my phone told me how her phone was delivered to her 3 months after. This time she lost her wallet (it was her 12th bonnaroo) but she found it with all her cash in it! I went right after her and didn't find mine. Seeing this, the lady gave me $40 from her wallet: "i wouldn't have this if someone wasn't nice so go get beer with ur friends!"
  23. And I found my phone right before I left!
  24. Drugs, heat, friends, and music made me so corny I teared up at the tiniest things
    Like people in wheelchair getting pushed by their equally sweaty friends or this grandpa who came just with his grandson and they were wearing matching overalls
  25. By the last day and roadtrip home I was dead
    I slept from 7am till 4pm in the car
  26. I got really really sad about graduating
    Finally. I realize I might never hang out with these friends I came here with like this ever again (because we are not children anymore). Bonnaroo was a perfect finale (hate this word) to the obnoxious and bittersweet collegehood of mine.