Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is on HBOGo!! I tried to gloss over it but I couldn't recall the plotline, which was a travesty because I watched this movie so many times in middle school, so I watched it again, at age 23. #early2000smovies #teenagelindsay
  1. It was about seeing Lindsay saying some dramatic shit like this
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  2. And FASHION. And how Lindsay is sad to move away to New Jersey from NY where she was destined to be an actress
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  4. And this made-up band SidArthur and fangirling business
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  5. In which the characters make a cardboard doll of the band and stare at it
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  6. Seeing Megan Fox in ridiculous outfit
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  7. This was totally an insertion of adult director/writer! Teenagers don't check out their crush's butt..I think that interest starts when you hit the 20s
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    Lindsay checks out her romantic interest, Sam's butt
  8. This kind of creepy special effects
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  9. Lindsay's hair looking great & natural
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  10. Carol Kane was in it lolol @aprilkquioh
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  11. Seeing Lindsay's passion for acting
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  12. This outfit
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  13. This cross-dissolve effect
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  14. This outfit
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  15. More outfit
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  16. When Lindsay says self-prophetic things
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  17. This game!! I don't even remember what this pump thing is called!!
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  18. These frames
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  19. Seeing Lindsay pull off Ghandi
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  20. Getting on the musical time machine!!
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  21. Seeing outfits like this that later inspired the Kardashians
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  22. More outfit
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  23. Lindsay pulling "The Universe" shit as a rite of passage
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  24. More outfit
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  25. Seeing a giant Cup Noodle on Times Square
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  26. This dog!!!!!!!
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  27. Best cameo dog ever!!!
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  28. This moment
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  29. Seeing how there is one dark corner of famous people's after party where R&B-ish hip-hop music plays and that's where all the black casts are
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  30. Authentic acting moment from Lindsay
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  31. This theatre angle that inspired High School Musical 1, 2, and 3
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  32. This outfit
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  33. This prod design
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    Sooo early 2000s!!!
  34. Megan Fox saying the obvious
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  35. Seeing how Lindsay girl's cartilege game was still going
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  36. Seeing Megan Fox in granny outfit!!
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  37. Lindsay rocking the V
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  38. I legitimately thought high school theatre was cool after seeing this movie
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  39. Now, yes I'm a believer
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  40. Seeing Megan Fox get served a wiener at her own party
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  41. This coca-cola necklace
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  42. This visual
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  43. In 5 years would I remember what Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen was about? We'll see.