Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is on HBOGo!! I tried to gloss over it but I couldn't recall the plotline, which was a travesty because I watched this movie so many times in middle school, so I watched it again, at age 23. #early2000smovies #teenagelindsay
  1. It was about seeing Lindsay saying some dramatic shit like this
  2. And FASHION. And how Lindsay is sad to move away to New Jersey from NY where she was destined to be an actress
  4. And this made-up band SidArthur and fangirling business
  5. In which the characters make a cardboard doll of the band and stare at it
  6. Seeing Megan Fox in ridiculous outfit
  7. This was totally an insertion of adult director/writer! Teenagers don't check out their crush's butt..I think that interest starts when you hit the 20s
    Lindsay checks out her romantic interest, Sam's butt
  8. This kind of creepy special effects
  9. Lindsay's hair looking great & natural
  10. Carol Kane was in it lolol @aprilkquioh
  11. Seeing Lindsay's passion for acting
  12. This outfit
  13. This cross-dissolve effect
  14. This outfit
  15. More outfit
  16. When Lindsay says self-prophetic things
  17. This game!! I don't even remember what this pump thing is called!!
  18. These frames
  19. Seeing Lindsay pull off Ghandi
  20. Getting on the musical time machine!!
  21. Seeing outfits like this that later inspired the Kardashians
  22. More outfit
  23. Lindsay pulling "The Universe" shit as a rite of passage
  24. More outfit
  25. Seeing a giant Cup Noodle on Times Square
  26. This dog!!!!!!!
  27. Best cameo dog ever!!!
  28. This moment
  29. Seeing how there is one dark corner of famous people's after party where R&B-ish hip-hop music plays and that's where all the black casts are
  30. Authentic acting moment from Lindsay
  31. This theatre angle that inspired High School Musical 1, 2, and 3
  32. This outfit
  33. This prod design
    Sooo early 2000s!!!
  34. Megan Fox saying the obvious
  35. Seeing how Lindsay girl's cartilege game was still going
  36. Seeing Megan Fox in granny outfit!!
  37. Lindsay rocking the V
  38. I legitimately thought high school theatre was cool after seeing this movie
  39. Now, yes I'm a believer
  40. Seeing Megan Fox get served a wiener at her own party
  41. This coca-cola necklace
  42. This visual
  43. In 5 years would I remember what Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen was about? We'll see.