Thank you @mallofamanda for the request! First time ever getting a list from anybody other than @aprilkquioh woot woot!!
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    Only 13 people have said it!
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    Including me of course.
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    Listappers with the most vagina-mentioning was @mallofamanda and @TT
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    Although with @TT it was all "vaginal (and some surgery name)" which is so sexy.
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    @mallofamanda appeared on top of my "vagina" word search with her banging list (is it wrong to laugh? But I'm CACKLING)
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    My first and only time showing my V to everyone was when I did critical mass in my romper. After a good hour of biking, why of course, my V ate the romper 😌 and ended up flashing an oncoming hard-core-seeming biker, who looked away and muttered, "what the fuck..." making a sourpuss face. 💁🏻sry not sry dude.
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    Only 3 men have said it.
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    My favorite is @13spencer 's list.
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    Yes, we want these monologues!
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    Also hilarious was @amdaniel 's list
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    And @ChrisK 's stream of suggestions lolol
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    Read all in the full list the screenshot can't cover.
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    A female equivalent of @amdaniel 's list is @ellie 's list, but on the whole NEXT LEVEL.
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    It goes on
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    Also 👏👏👏👏👏 to @lilydiamond
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    It's a must-read for ovary-bearing friends here. Especially if u r like me and had to look up how to spell ovary. Ovary? Ovarie?
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    This list by @lenadunham was memorable because I could just picture 🔮how and why these items could be near or in my vagina
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    But they will NOT be (fingers crossed tho) because I heed to the wised & experienced.
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    Yes. This list have quadruppled the number of the word vagina on ListApp.