An incomplete list
  1. Patience is a virtue.
  2. Friends are cool.
  3. Having straight A's in high school does not translate into having straight A's in college. Or B's...
  4. Heck, C's get degrees amirite.
  5. Parks and Rec will never not be funny.
  6. Likewise with The Office.
  7. Home cooked meals are seriously underrated.
  8. Life plans can change in literally seconds.
  9. It's OK to change your major. You're not disappointing anyone. If people are disappointed, reevaluate their place in your life.
  10. Cheeky underwear is cute, but goodness gracious, at what cost?!
  11. You can never go wrong with junk food runs late at night... Or early in the morning...
  12. Boys suck. Date men.
  13. But it's also OK to be single.
  14. The weird/annoying people don't stay in high school... They, too, go to college.
  15. A large amount of shit can fit in an incredibly small space.