My Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Here is a list of my five favorite Harry Potter characters besides Harry Potter himself. Sadly, the character limit barely lets me scratch the surface of "why". ϟ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘
  1. Severus Snape, who suffered a great deal in his life & sadly lived with enormous guilt, forever indebted to Harry. He is brave, despite his deep grudges. He also was able to trick one of the greatest Legilimens because of his skill as an Occlumens. He used this skill to also hide the best of himself, however. He redeemed himself in the end. Always.
  2. Albus Dumbledore! Most of my favorite quotes are from Dumbledore. He is incredibly wise. Sadly, like Snape, he also felt guilt in his life, seen in some of his last heart breaking moments by Harry. We realize as much as we loved Dumbledore, we barely knew him. My favorite moment ever occurs on p. 747 in DH. I swell with emotion each time I read it.
  3. I have always had a soft spot for Draco Malfoy. I feel that he is extremely underestimated, mostly by his own father, which fuels the jealously that guides his own life. He is much smarter than anyone gives him credit for, & truly doesn't have a bad heart. Dumbledore knows this, which is why he doesn't want Draco to damage his soul by killing him.
  4. Hermione is so much sassier than anyone realizes. Also, anyone that says she belongs in Ravenclaw is a moron. I admire Hermione's brains, but I admire her heart more. She is extremely emotional, which is a GOOD trait to have. I love her crusade for House Elves. She always treats people with respect & kindness, especially those "inferior" to her.
  5. Voldemort? Really? Yes, really. He is not lovable or cuddly, but I love him because he is so interesting. He is the most interesting character of all. He doesn't understand love, nor does he understand that death is not the worst that can happen to a person. These are ultimately his down fall. I cannot help but feel sorry for him. Poor Tom Riddle.