1. Quirky
    Yes, I am unconventional/peculiar but quirky is a nice way of telling someone they're weird and undateable. Both of those which may be true, I don't want that to be a descriptor of my traits.
  2. Cute
    Cute is how you describe an ugly child, I, for one am not an ugly child.
  3. Sexy
    This alone is enough for me not to want to be in a 10 mile radius of you, if you follow this by a winky face and I will be out of your life really fast
  4. Funny
    I am humorous, don't get me wrong, but the word "funny" doesn't convey my whole image. I have a lot more going on than to be described such a mediocre word
  5. Cool
    I don't get what you mean by "cool" considering people use "cool" to describe a neon-coloured streaked in someone's hair