I've met some pretty special people to say the least since I've started working at the grocery store.
  1. Old people who are a little too friendly
    These people want to know every.single.thing about you. I have never told the truth to this type of customer.
  2. Flirtatious older guy
    Actual conversation I've had w/ a customer. Him: "I didn't know they let supermodels work here this must be your undercover job" Me: *awkward laugh* *starts fanning myself, because it's a hot summery day* Him: you know I would pay you to let me fan you" Me: *awkward laugh* *finishes ringing up groceries* "Have a nice day" Him: you too pretty lady
  3. Rude middle aged people
    They usually just throw their bags at you before you have a chance to say Hey & continue to ignore you throughout the whole order whilst fiddling on their phone or if they are technologically challenged they'll just stare at you without asking if you need help.
  4. People that move at the speed of a snail
    This is the worst during those busy times because I'm usually really fast ringing the groceries up but the customer will wait until the very last second to sift through the bag for their method of payment.. *eye roll*
  5. That one coworker that got the wrong idea
    There is so much to be said about this, but for now I'm leaving it as unfinished thought.
  6. To be continued...
    Suggest things for me!!
  7. Old teachers & substitutes